Christopher Ressa | Executive Vice President COO | DLC Management | The Future of Retail Shopping


Anthony and Chris have a heated discussion about the state of brick and stick retail post-pandemic and how services like grubhub and doordash have impacted people's shopping habits. This is a point-counterpoint discussion between convenience, expenditure, and people getting back to their normal lives post-pandemic lockdown.

PERSONAL MANTRA:  Solve challenges people think are unsolvable and do what is considered undoable.

WHO I AM:  My birth mother left when I was 2.   For the first 8 years of my life it was my Dad and I in a tiny apt. At that age, make no bones about it, we were poor.  Through that experience I developed a resilience that is unshakeable, a high stress tolerance, and the ability to thrive under immense pressure. All of that shaped who I am today and drives me on a constant pursuit of achievement and providing more for my family. I am inspired by my wife who is the kindest most and genuine person I know.  I am fascinated by those who defeat the odds, and do the ordinary, extraordinarily well.

WHAT I DO: Commercial Real Estate executive and Chief Operating Officer at DLC Management. Lead a team of 65 #CRE top pros.  Lead the value creation teams; leasing, construction, property management, and marketing.  Committed to solving real estate needs for local entrepreneurs, regional operators, and fortune 500 tenants.

➜ Resolute about removing obstacles

➜ Inspired to be a part of the development of people

➜ Fanatical about crushing personal and company goals

HERE ON LINKEDIN: I spend time on Linkedin because I am always looking to elevate myself and I am on a constant pursuit of learning. My content is focused on my passions: real estate, retail, sales, and leadership.


Outside of the inspiration I gain from my wife and family, what fires me up? The opportunity to work in an industry that is constantly changing, battling disruption, and flat out not easy. I get jacked up knowing I can make an impact with these circumstances.


Anthony Amunategui

Anthony is the founder of CDO Group Inc, a woman owned business (WOB) that provides multi-unit retail companies and their franchisees with a comprehensive, reliable and cost-effective General Contracting and Construction Management alternative to adding supplementary internal staff.

CDO Group specializes in partnering with companies during periods of heavy expansion and/or remodeling, and have successfully executed thousands of projects nationwide for many of today’s top multi-unit retailers.

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