Ciaran Brennan | Co-Founder & CEO | LiveCosts | Data-driven Construction Cost Management

About Ciaran Brennan

Cost management for construction is a complex issue for contractors, sub-contractors, and their clients. Sudden spikes in the price of fuel and materials can obliterate the profitability of a construction project. LiveCosts addresses this issue.

From the LiveCosts website:  Everyday in your business you collect critical data, material, labour, machinery costs etc. At some point you will look to analyse this data to view important information such as, am I making money or are we on course to make money? LiveCosts collects and displays your true costs, in real time so you can continue to do build with confidence.

Ciaran Brennan is co-founder & CEO of Ciaran pins the success of LiveCosts down to one key factor, “knowledge of our customer” In his own words, Ciaran explains,  “We built a solution to a cost management problem that contractors face daily. We intimately understand the issue of cost. This is not a problem we have researched and decided to solve, we have lived it, felt in our own companies. We have served in the trenches with our customers, we speak the language, we get it, thankfully our customers are choosing to remove excel spreadsheets and partner with us to grow their business” 

Ciaran Brennan

Anthony Amunategui

Anthony is the founder of CDO Group Inc, a woman owned business (WOB) that provides multi-unit retail companies and their franchisees with a comprehensive, reliable and cost-effective General Contracting and Construction Management alternative to adding supplementary internal staff.

CDO Group specializes in partnering with companies during periods of heavy expansion and/or remodeling, and have successfully executed thousands of projects nationwide for many of today’s top multi-unit retailers.

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