Anna Chen | Robotics That Will Change Construction Forever

About Anna Chen

Anna Chen is the CEO and Founder of Apis Cor, a NASA-awarded company that produces 3D printing robots that build walls for residential homes faster and more efficiently than ever before, is smaller than your typical SUV, and can be easily transported to and around construction sites. In 2016, Anna collaborated with Dubai Municipalities and 3D printed what Guinness has established as the world’s biggest 3D printed building.


Anna Chen

Anthony Amunategui

Anthony is the founder of CDO Group Inc, a woman owned business (WOB) that provides multi-unit retail companies and their franchisees with a comprehensive, reliable and cost-effective General Contracting and Construction Management alternative to adding supplementary internal staff.

CDO Group specializes in partnering with companies during periods of heavy expansion and/or remodeling, and have successfully executed thousands of projects nationwide for many of today’s top multi-unit retailers.

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