Bill Gumbiner and Kevin Wiley | Demolition & Business Development Experts

About Bill Gumbiner and Kevin Wiley

Bill is an expert Senior Estimator and Demolition Consultant in the Indianapolis region, and Kevin is a top-notch business development leader in the demolition and construction industry. Together, Kevin and Bill founded SCMS, Specialty Construction Marketing Services, providing best in class support for those in need of construction and demolition subcontracting.

Bill Gumbiner and Kevin Wiley

Anthony Amunategui

Anthony is the founder of CDO Group Inc, a woman owned business (WOB) that provides multi-unit retail companies and their franchisees with a comprehensive, reliable and cost-effective General Contracting and Construction Management alternative to adding supplementary internal staff.

CDO Group specializes in partnering with companies during periods of heavy expansion and/or remodeling, and have successfully executed thousands of projects nationwide for many of today’s top multi-unit retailers.

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